What a portrait session is?

Our approach to a portrait was defined by a speech of an American master:

“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people. “
— Annie Lebovitz

We want to place your personality, you beauty and your talent on portraits and make it in such a way that they deserve to be put into frames and on the wall. We want them to take a honor place in a wallet of you mother, got record breaking number of likes at your Facebook and be a wallpaper at phones of your nearest and dearest. Irrespective of you need a picture for you only or pictures intended to create your image in the media - My Day is fully committed to a session in order to make a small piece of art along with you.  

My Day makes miracles :), incredible atmosphere during a session and effects are visible with a naked eye! I’m impressed and I hope we will see again! I recommend MY DAY :)
— Agata Marchel, a Finalist of a Great-Poland Miss contest


  • We treat you individually. We discuss with you what pictures are supposed to tell about you and what emotions are to be stimulated.

  • Every element - a light, a stylization, a make-up are adjusted to who you are, to your face, color of eyes and shade of your skin.

  • We create possibly varied and, at the same time, style-coherent pictures.

  • We work in a studio but also outdoors, in color and B&W to assure pictures show you at your best context. Our studio is located in a charming part of Powiśle which enables us to offer great open-air sessions.

  • We take as much time as it is necessary to tech you simple ways and rules governing the issue of sitting due to which you look excellent and naturally.

  • Just after reservation of a session you are provided with an invitation pack which helps us to determine your expectations.

“Wonderful cooperation! It shows emotions at beautiful pictures! I recommend it!
— Anna Jażdżyk, Actress


  • Drinking a coffee or a tea we discuss what we want to achieve. We make a decision what our pictures are supposed to tell about you.

  • We select aesthetics of pictures (see our portfolio to notice how varied portraits can be).

  • We determine a general climate and picture scenes.

  • A professional and experienced make-up artist prepares you for the session.

  • We select the best stylizations based on your clothes.

  • We make from 200 to 600 shots - as many as it is necessary to find the best version of you and, at the same time, to keep quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

  • You select the best shots subject of an advanced retouch.

  • A session lasts from 3 to 5 hours. Depending on a number of ordered pictures you are provided with retouched pictures within 2-3 business days.



Buying the Portrait Session pack you order story that contains 5 pictures at least.

Price of such a pack is PLN 1 900 net  and includes remuneration for a make-up artist and hair stylist.

If you want to have more than 5 pictures (which takes place quite frequently) a retouch of subsequent portraits is PLN 100 / picture. 

We issue VAT invoices per request.


Reserve a date of your portrait session

Tell us who you are and what kind of pictures you wish to take. Specify what dates are convenient for you.