How does the BUSINESS session look like?

  • We make all efforts to assure a session is fun for you and that effects of the session support your career.

  • Drinking a coffee or a tea we discuss the way you want to be perceived. We make a decision what our pictures are supposed to tell about you.

  • We select aesthetics of pictures (see our portfolio how varied pictures can be)

  • A professional make-up artist prepares you for the session.

  • We select, from your clothes, a stylization adjusted to a type of a beauty you represent.

  • We make from 200 to 300 shots - as many as it is necessary to find the best version of you and, at the same time, to keep quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

  • You select the best shots which are subject of advanced retouch.

  • A business portrait session lasts from 1 to 2 hours. It depends on a number of ordered pictures.

  • Retouched pictures are delivered within 2-3 business days.


“I ordered a professional session from MY DAY and I am very satisfied with effects. The atmosphere was great and pictures are excellent. Let me thank you once again. I highly recommend cooperation!
— Robert Murzynowski, CEO at Signovis


In the Business Portrait pack you buy a picture session designed to deliver at least 3 retouched portraits. Usually this is a portrait at a dark background, a picture at a white background and an image portrait (wider frame). 

Price of such a pack is PLN 790 net + PLN 190 remuneration for a make-up artist.

If you want to have more than 3 pictures (which takes place quite frequently) a retouch of subsequent portraits is PLN 100 / pcs. 

We issue VAT invoices per request.

“MY DAY is a professional approach, during sessions an atmosphere is very friendly, the photographer can manage both, a client and the entire team working during the session. I recommend MY DAY from my heart!
— Małgorzata Szot, Account Manager, IT Kontrakt


  • Prepare your favorite business suite. We can iron your shirt at the picture site or using Photoshop. However, let's be honest. Nobody can do it better than you :)

  • Try to select clothes characterized by a smooth texture and without any patterns. Consequently, your portrait will look good at both formats, large and small ones.

  • Your hairstyle will be done by our make-up artist. Still, a visit at your proven hairdresser can enhance your self-confidence.

  • Inform us if you wear glasses. Then we can select a proper light.

  • Before a session you will get a pack of pictures to inspire you. Think how you portraits could look like.

  • It is very difficult when being in a business rigor, but try to chose a day when you can get enough sleep.

  • Just relax - you are in good hands. Irrespective of everything, our experience warrants acceptable effects.


DO I NEED A Bussiness Portrait?

"It's nice to put a face to the name" one can hear during a business travel - a co-employee can see you for the first time although you have worked together for months.

In the world of LinkedIn, GoldenLine, Lync and Outlook your personality is limited to a small picture displaying you to your colleagues at work, your superiors from a central unit or headhunters. 

Add a company's intranet, a specialized blog, a prospectus or Facebook and one day it can turn out that a well-designed CV is one of many reasons why an image session is worth of investing in it.

The image affects a way your competences are perceived and in fact, it may have an impact on your situation in a company or on the labor market. Even more, it can help you to gain a favor of your co-employees.

Acc. to the Business Insider profiles on LinkedIn with a professional picture are visited up to 7 times more frequently!


Reserve a date of your Business session

Tell us who you are and what kind of pictures you need. Specify one or two convenient dates and decide if you wish us to book make-up artist for your photo-shot.